KevinHeadsmWelcome!  Our Lady of Hungary Catholic parish started out to be a spiritual home to many immigrant peoples who had fled their homelands in search of a better life in America. Today the parish is home to our vibrant Anglo community as well as the youthful energy of our Hispanic brothers and sisters.

Now, both English and Spanish resonate throughout the church and the school. As a parish community, we are experiencing a renaissance of sort, with the new families joining the parish, our school growing in healthy ways, and a refreshed spirit in the people manifesting great Christian hope and expectation.

From the beginning Our Lady of Hungary school has remained faithful to our founding spirit: a haven for the immigrant poor, struggling to grow and prosper in this great country. We do this by offering the finest education possible albeit in the setting of a poor inner city parish.

Faithful to our parish charism, Our Lady of Hungary School has empowered the immigrant poor through education. Now we are doing it even better, crossing the borders of language, culture and religion in ways that make better sense to those we serve.

Our Lady of Hungary parish has a rich past that forms a solid foundation for an even greater future!

Pastor, Kevin M. Bauman