Mrs. Wuske- ELL

Mrs. Wuske has been heavily invested in the educational formation of her students for ten years. In that time she has taught at St. Monica’s School and at Our Lady of Hungary. She was born in San Carlos, California (near San Francisco); however, she eventually relocated to South Bend where she attended Marian High School and eventually graduated from St. Mary’s. She has a large family of three brothers and three sisters and children of her own! Mrs. Wuske is an avid Cubbies fan and also follows soccer and football. The roots of her husband’s family tree sprang up in Germany (Wuske) while her gene pool was birthed in both Germany (Hammes) and Ireland (Killilea). For a treat she very much enjoys Tootsie Rolls and Snickers. Mrs. Wuske is elated when she sees the face of a student who is learning and the concepts are locking in. Nothing makes her happier than to share her love of learning with her pupils!

-Alejandra Diaz