Mrs. McKinney- 4th Grade

Mrs. McKinney is the fourth grade teacher at Our Lady of Hungary. This will be her seventh year of teaching at OLH. Although she was born in Elkhart, Indiana, her father’s family traces back to Germany and her mother’s to Belgium. She attended Concord Community Schools before enrolling in Manchester College. Before working at Our Lady she was a Special Needs Aid at Concord South Side. Mrs. McKinney had the opportunity to travel to Spain while in college and would like to return Europe in the future. Her favorite restaurants include Hacienda, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Temper Grill. When deciding on a tasty meal or snack chocolate, chicken and fruit are what pleases her. Her favorite sports teams are Purdue University and the Pittsburgh Steelers and her color of choice is blue.

-Joey B, Nancy G, Madison S.