Your donation helps OLH School and Parish
in so many ways !

The diocese financially helps our parish and school thrive in many ways. But there are always those ‘extra expenses’ that occur, which need to be funded from other sources. The school particularly has expenses that are necessary to meet the needs of the students. To list just a few . . .

    • Funds for a school counselor to assist and help children with social and emotional problems.
    • Art supplies.
    • New gym equipment.
    • Updated and new library books.
    • Funds to assist students with tuition and fees.
    • Funds to help with our after school care
      which was established this year.
    • Ongoing upkeep and maintenance of our parish and school facilities.

You can help with a donation to Our Lady of Hungary!

Mail your donation to:

Our Lady of Hungary Parish Donation
735 W. Calvert St.
South Bend, IN 46613


All donations are tax-deductible!

 Thank you for your support!